Soundbar or home theatre? Well if you love music and want to feel the beats right in your heart then the home theatre that I’ll tell you about,  Hello friends, welcome to JazzTrend. I’ll tell about the best budget home theatre India in 2021.

This is Obage DT-51 tower style home theatre system.

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Obage’s this system has 2 speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 woofers whose details I’ll tell later. The best thing is wood casing in these towers.
DT-51 comes with a remote control which is not fully-functional and I’ll tell you about this later. Its quality is average.
It has AUX, 2 RCA- 2 RCA cable wire and 2 RCA- AUX wire with gold plated heads, and that’s a fantastic thing.
DT-51 can be connected to TV with AUX port, and Bluetooth 5.0. You can use both SD card and USB. It has all kinds of connectivity options.
On the side of the speaker is the ON/OFF switch, Volume, Bass and Treble control, AUX port and the F.M Antenna port.
To connect both speakers, connect speaker and woofer wire with one speaker to another. Till I connect them, I’ll tell the specifications of this home theatre system. DT-51 has two 4-inch speakers of 8 ohms, two 2.25-inch tweeters of 4 ohms and two 5.25-inch woofer of 4 ohms.
The total output of woofer is 35W and that of speaker and tweeter is 15W of each tower which makes the total output as 100W. Its SNR is 72dB.
Its frequency response is between 50Hz- 15kHz. Let’s do the audio test of DT-51.
You can listen to them and decide whether this system suits you or not. If I talk about DT-51’s audio quality in my words then I can say that I have not seen such perfect audio quality of any other budget soundbar or home theatre. There are 2 reasons-1) The MDF casing (Wood casing) used. Second, its amplifier is of 120W with 100W output. Remember- if the amplifier is of more power and gives less output, then it will always perform best because distortion will be less. That is why this audio system performs excellent. Surprisingly high note, low notes and mid notes are fantastic.
I am most surprised with its mid notes and high notes, which are awesome. I cannot show the low notes because no mic can deliver the low notes (bass) till you. Had you listened to its bass, then you would have said that this is the most powerful home theatre in INR 7,500.
These all were the pros But aren’t there any cons? Well, there are cons as well. The quality of its remote control is average. It allows you to control volume but not bass and treble. You’ll have to go the system again and again. That is a slight disappointment according to me. Another small con is this, which I can only show you. This is not a shortcoming but the backs of both these towers are different.
Obage should have paid more attention towards it. So what are my final thoughts?
If you are confused between a good soundbar and home theatre till INR 10,000, then this is the perfect product.
This home theatre system gives best quality bass, mids and highs and you will face no disappointment with it.
I have reviewed Best Home theatre system in India under 10000. If you liked this article, then do tell me in the comment section.
Thank you very much.


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