Dholak is one of the most popular folk drums, it’s popular in North India – accompanying Bhangra in Punjab. Its melodious beats can make your heart melt. Dholak is quite popular in various South Asian folk songs. It is even played in Sufi songs to enhance the music, to create a vibe to go with.

Dholak is used in folklore, kowali, for simple songs and even in films. Whether you want to learn to play this bass-full and punchy dholak yourself or you want to get one for your professional play session, there’s plenty of variety available online and here are some best-picked ones for you:

Top best dholak to buy in India.

1.Handmade Wood Dholak Indian Folk Musical Instrument Drum Nuts N Bolt

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Handmade makes one of the best dholaks out there in the market. They’re of premium quality, punchy high bass with good quality. People across India prefer to buy from Handmade as their products have a really high quality and are well priced.
This dholak comes with nuts and bolt so you can adjust the sound to your liking and give your audience a really good show.
Its reviews include appreciation for its high quality and a really good punchy sound.

2.Hemlata Handicrafts Yellow Nut Bolt Dholak

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Hemlata Handicrafts is a trusted brand coming with a variety of dholaks on Amazon. This dholak has a bright yellow colour to give an attractive look to your musical instrument. The handle on this dholak allows you to easily carry the dholak wherever you go.

The handle is really sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it breaking the instrument. Hemlata offers various dholaks in various different colours, there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re looking to buy it for your young one, get it in their favourite colour, they’ll surely appreciate this precious gift. Reviews mention the wide colour variety and the perfect size for anyone.

3.Ganesh Musical Store Presents – Handmade Dholak

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Now, this dholak by Ganesh Musical Store is a classic dholak with tightening strings and dried mango wood construction. If you are looking for something classic that comes with durable quality – this is the one to go for.
While it may not look as modern and clean as its modern competitors, it’s sound is something to adore about.

It uses strings with rings to tighten the dholak and comes with a spanner to easily tune it when you want to sit down and play the instrument for yourself.
Buyers appreciate its handmade quality a lot and it will be a worthy purchase for you if you want a good old dholak with high quality.

4.Oriental Music Palace Screw Fitted Dholak

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This Dholak is something you should pick up for your practice session and shows, it comes with a handle and is screw fitted. This dholak by Oriental Music Palace is really durable. It comes with a special goatskin membrane that is highly durable. It will last you really long.

Reviews appreciate its matt black colour and high quality for the price. The dholak comes with a carry case to allow you to keep the dholak away from dust and moisture even when you are travelling.

5.GT manufacturers Wooden Musical Dholak Instrument Drum Nuts & Bolt With Kit Carry Bag

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This dholak by GT Manufacturers comes with a complete kit. It has – dholak itself, a cleaning cloth, a wrench to tighten the nuts, and a carry case with a shoulder strap for travel.

This is a professional-grade instrument, it is very easy to tune. It’s made of thoroughly dried mango wood, the nuts and bolts are nickel plated to avoid corrosion and add to that professional touch. This is mainly a folk instrument, the surface of the Dholak is made of goatskin for Sharp Notes and the bigger surface is made of buffalo skin for Low Pitches, which allows a combination of Bass and Treble With Rhythmic High And Low Pitches.


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