What are the Best Flute for Beginners in India. 2021, full review. best flute to buy in india

In India, you will find various types of musical instruments. The origination of these musical instruments dates back thousands of years. One such musical instrument is the flute. The sound of the flute is not only pleasant but also ethereal. This is one of the easiest instruments to master and play in India. Anybody can master this instrument by practicing regularly.
Best Ranking Flutes for Beginner’s in India.

1.Punam Flutes A Natural Base Right Hand Bamboo Flute/Bansuri Size 22.5 Inches

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Mr. Subhash Thakur founded Punam flutes in 2001. He was born into a family of musicians. However, he started learning flute under the expert guidance of Ustad Fahimullah Khan in 1988. Due to the lack of efficient flutes in India, he started to produce flutes on his own that would suit his style perfectly. Like every Punam flute, this flute is also customized to meet your musical needs.

Moreover, every flutes his name and threads that add to its ethereal beauty. The length of this flute is just 22.5 inches making it super comfortable and lightweight to hold. Excellent for playback, this flute contains 7 holes for producing wide variety of notes. Being hand made with super-quality of bamboo, this tops the list of best flute for beginner’s in India. Trusted by many big names in the music industry such as Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pt. Ronu Mojumder among others. This is best bamboo flute in India. 

2.Kanha Flute G Scale Base Assam Bamboo Flute – Right Hand Bansuri Flute Original Size 25 Inch with Flute Cover 

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This is one of the top-ranked flutes for beginners in India. Moreover, this company is one of the renowned flute producers of India. Founded by Mr.Nilesh Pote, who is also a reputed flute player and recently he was honored with the title ‘flute magician of India’. This Kanha flute comes with 7 holes for producing every natural sound effortlessly and it is lightweight. The flute is 25 inches long makes it very easy to hold in your hands. Since it comes with a cover, you do not need to think much about its protection. This excellent product is real value for your money and a great thing to start your musical journey.

3.Radhe Flutes Acrylic Bansuri C Natural Right Handed Middle Octave (19 inches) With Hard Cover

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Radhe flutes were founded in 1997. This flute has key features like masculine, bright tones, and the sound quality is excellent. Further, it is a traditional acrylic flute that helps you to make your notes perfectly. Comes with a hard case of 2 mm thick PVC pipe that lasts longer. It is easy to blow and shift your octave note effortlessly. This makes you produce pleasant music. Checked with a Tanpura at A=440Hz.

4. Sarfuddin flutes, C Natural Medium (Left Handed) premium 19 inches bamboo flute with carrying case

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These professional flutes are produced from the Indian state of Sultanganj (Bihar). This C Natural is a medium bamboo flute that produces a rich and mellow tone perfectly suited for beginners. However, while playing this magnificent flute you can play the Indian C natural on a medium scale. For playing western style, you need to play by covering all the six holes. The length of this flute is 19 inches that won’t allow you to slip from your hands because of its excellent grip and easy handling. Moreover, it is a hand-made flute that is tuned according to 440 MHz sound quality.

5.Shiv’z Musicals C Natural Medium Professional Flute, 7 Holes, 19 Inches with Written Manual and Bag

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This flute is produced from natural hand-made bamboo that is perfectly suitable for beginners. Comes with a carry case, a written manual to smooth playing. The length of the flute is 19 inches making it easy to hold and play and longer hours. This flute contains 7 holes in which 6 holes are used for play and the 7th one is for tuning purposes.


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